There are many factors for home buyers to consider to ensure that they find the right house for their family. Every family is different, as are their needs and wants, but there are certain factors that are always important to consider. Use this as your guide to help you determine what you family needs (now and in the future) to help guide your search.

Number of Bedrooms?

This is the first consideration that most buyers will make when it comes time to find a home. You will want to consider how many children you have, how many you plan to have, and if you would want to use a bedroom for another purpose (guest room, office etc.) It’s important to consider what your true needs are; while it may be ideal for your children to have their own rooms, is it necessary? There is no right or wrong answer to this question but remember that the number of bedrooms is one of the key elements to price meaning that the price will go up with the number of rooms.

Yard Considerations?

What kind of yard are you looking for? Does it need to be fenced? Do you want lots of space for the kids to play or to put up a swingset? Are you interested in finding a home with or putting in a pool? These are all important factors that all homebuyers should consider. Outdoor space is important to most families and you want to ensure that your new home will accommodate that.


The layouts of homes come in all possible configurations and it’s important to think about how the layout of a particular property would work for you and your family. With young children, open concept floorplans can be amazing as it allows parents to keep a close eye on their children at all times but as children get older, they may want their own space and this may not be as perfect of a set up. It’s important to find the layout that’s right for you.


While most new homes have conveniently located washrooms, some older homes may not. Some older homes may only have one full bathroom and depending on the size of your family, this may not work. Schedules (both now and in the future) should be considered when it comes to this factor.


Everyone has different ideas when it comes to the perfect neighbourhood to raise a family and it’s important to find the right neighbourhood for you. Neighbourhood factors to consider include proximity to schools, parks, shopping, and amenities.

Space for Growth?

While the home may be perfect for you now, will it be able to grow with your family. Whether you plan on having more children, watching your children grow, or even adding a pet to the mix, it’s important to consider whether or not a property will accommodate that growth. Could you finish the basement or reconfigure things to make them work? Think to the future and what you may be able to accomplish.