Preparing Your Home For Winter: Outdoor Maintenance

Fall is in full swing, with hints of winter already making themselves seen. If you haven’t begun preparing your home for the winter months, now is the time to begin. Home maintenance, both inside and out, is key to ensuring your home not only maintains its value, but increases over the years. If neglected, you are not only risking losing money on your purchase, but you could end up costing yourself thousands of dollars that could have been avoidable with a more proactive approach. To ensure your home is ready to take on the cold, frigid temperatures that are known to Ottawa, check off these four must-do outdoor maintenance tasks so that your home makes it to the spring without issue. 


Clean Out Your Gutters 

Cleaning your gutters is an important seasonal task, and should be done at least twice each year. This will not just ensure the outside of your house maintains a tidy appearance, it can also help to lower your risk of household leaks. By neglecting this chore, the risk of eavestroughs becoming clogged can cause all sorts of problems. It’s also important that the water drains at least five feet from your house. If necessary, eavestrough extensions can be purchased at your local hardware store. Also note that at many condominiums, while the corporations do take on the grunt of any outdoor maintenance, may require as part of your agreement that the homeowner be responsible for these particular outdoor tasks


Inspect Windows and Doors

A cold breeze through the house in the winter can feel disastrous! Floors will always be too cold, and the hard earned money you spend each year on heating your home may as well be thrown out the window. This is why it is important to ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed before winter hits. If you happen across any poorly sealed or leaky windows and doors, take note and where the leak is coming from and patch it up for the winter season. While there are many ways that you can fix this yourself, if the problem persists you may want to get an expert in to provide a more permanent solution. 


Outdoor Faucets

While our outdoor water supply is all the rage during the summer months, when temperatures drop, many people completely forget about them. It is important to remember to shut off any outdoor faucets and drain the water out of them each fall before freezing temperatures hit. By neglecting this task, the water could freeze and burst a pipe, costing time and money to fix. 


Winterize Your Gardens and Landscaping

To maintain the health of your garden and shrubs, be sure to winterize your landscaping. Rake up any leaves on your lawn, remove any dead annuals left in your garden, cover your shrubs and tuck your garden decor away for the season. By doing this, our gardens are ready and healthy to begin planting again in the spring, and the hard work we do each year will not go to waste. 

Your home is one of your biggest investments, making it all the more important to take care of it to the best of your ability. By taking the proper precautionary steps, you can ensure your home is ready to withstand the winter months, saving yourself time and money, and ensuring that you won’t be left outside fixing any mishaps come January.